Source code for webargs.asyncparser

"""Asynchronous request parser."""
from __future__ import annotations

import typing

from webargs import core

[docs]class AsyncParser(core.Parser[core.Request]): """Asynchronous variant of `webargs.core.Parser`. The ``parse`` method is redefined to be ``async``. """
[docs] async def parse( self, argmap: core.ArgMap, req: core.Request | None = None, *, location: str | None = None, unknown: str | None = core._UNKNOWN_DEFAULT_PARAM, validate: core.ValidateArg = None, error_status_code: int | None = None, error_headers: typing.Mapping[str, str] | None = None, ) -> typing.Any: """Coroutine variant of `webargs.core.Parser`. Receives the same arguments as `webargs.core.Parser.parse`. """ data = await self.async_parse( argmap, req, location=location, unknown=unknown, validate=validate, error_status_code=error_status_code, error_headers=error_headers, ) return data